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  • Welcome to DotWem

    DotWem Technologies is the voice and data solutions company that can provide for all of your telecommunications and information technology needs.

    At DotWem we make technology works like you have never seen or experienced before.

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    We are determined to make technology work for our customers, both small and large businesses.

    Our services range from total voice communications solutions complete with equipments, LAN/WAN infrastructure design and implementation to the design, installation and maintenance of voice and data networks.

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About DotWem Technologies!

Networks that enable voice, data and video to share the same infrastructure have rapidly become the preferred option, affording new ways for businesses like yours to save money and reach a superior competitive advantage. Fixed Wireless Broadband Services.

Because the applications running on your network are so valuable, the level of quality in these connections cannot be second-best. It's vital for an organization of any size to manage network traffic and prioritize to provide the highest level of quality of service possible. Dotwem provides the exact data networking solution that tailors to your needs so you won't have to worry about the security, reliability and delivery of your company's most valuable applications. Open Source Templates.

DotWem Technologies understands that every business is unique and has varied technology requirements. That is why we are proud to offer solutions from Avaya, the global leader in business communications networks. DotWem Technologies has the systems and accessories that enable businesses to succeed in today's economy.

At DotWem Technologies, we’re here to help. We are more than just telephone systems. DSL. CTI. VoIP. We'll help you make sense of technology and how it can help your business grow. Find out what else DotWem Technologies can offer your business. Let us help you make the right choice for your phone system, voice and data network or telecommunication systems.

... keeping you in step with technology

  • Innovation is our business

    Secure, point-to-point wireless circuits
    using proven WiMAX standards.
    Quick to install. Easy to scale.

  • Satelite Service to Offshore Locations

    Communications is ourbusiness.  As a full-service company, DotWem.com can provide the Internet, voice, and data solutions tailored to your business. More information about our Business Services Suite is listed below.

  • Wireless Broadband Internet

    Affordable, high-speed Internet connection for your home, without the added cost of a phone line. In select markets, DotWem.com offers fixed Wireless Broadband Internet service.

  • Fiber Speed Level Service to your Business

    Fixed Wireless from DotWem Broadband
    for your business' primary Internet connection, or pair it with a traditional wired connection to create a network with physically diverse redundancy.

  • Wireless Broadband

    Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet is transmitted from one of our radio transmission towers to a receiving radio installed at your home. This radio then links to your computer via an Ethernet cable.

  • DotWem

    We are an AVAYA Authorized Business Partner.

  • Our Headquater Address:

    17/19 Boyle Street
    Suite 7C
    Ikoyi SW, Lagos State, Nigeria

    + 234 (0) 8028573777
    + 234 (0) 8060625527

    Email: DotWem